Create original music through
a color interface.

We often imagine new types of music by comparing and contrasting music we already know. Chromat turns this process of the imagination into concrete actions that produce unlimited musical invention and variation.  


Select three input music tracks from a library supplied with the app. Play Video
Each selected input track is associated with either red, green or blue.  As you touch and drag across the color wheel, the music morphs between the chosen tracks, based on the RGB values of the touched color. Color is the steering wheel that navigates a landscape of musical possibilities.

Chromat is not an audio-loop remixer, and it differs from most music generation apps by actively engaging the rhythms and harmonies of specific pieces of music. Chromat dynamically analyzes and mutates musical selections in response to input from the touch screen. A listening/composition feedback loop materializes as you control musical patterns in real-time.

Original music is created "on the fly". This new music might sound close to one or more of the source tracks, or it might sound strikingly different, while retaining recognizable musical characteristics of the sources.

In the picture below, a new hybrid melody is created from the three input tracks. The visual distance between the melodies shows the relative weight each input track has on the resulting hybrid. 

The theory and technology behind Chromat were motivated by a desire to extend personal musical compositions in new and unexpected ways.  The music library supplied with Chromat is just one example of personal compositions used as inputs for the music morphing algorithms.